Debug Azure SAML setup

Trying to figure out how to debug my Azure SAML setup:

    app-entity-id: [App ID URI]

The webpage is redirecting to:

Status code: 200
Message: OK
Stack Trace: n/a

and I think the relevant error in shinyproxy.log says:

2020-01-08 15:43:07.330  INFO 1 --- [XNIO-2 task-1]  : AuthNResponse;FAILURE;;[###-redacted-url-###]/;;;org.opensaml.common.SAMLException: Response issue time is either too old or with date in the future, skew 60, time 2020-01-08T15:40:10.419Z~

I think this is the problem, but I’m not sure how to tackle resolving it. EDIT: I synced my server per and now I have a different error:

2020-01-08 16:14:04.558  INFO 1 --- [XNIO-2 task-8] e.o.containerproxy.service.UserService   : Authentication failure [user: ] [error: Name attribute missing from SAML assertion:]

The demo setup in the config guide doesn’t have a name attribute - what is the recommended way to handle this sort of thing?