Disable /login redirection to HTTP

Hi all,

I am trying to embed app in an iframe but modern browsers don’t allow HTTP redirection inside active component. Let me unpack that.

When the Iframe loads, it tries to resolve it. I have a reverse proxy with Nginx so the following happens -

https://myshinyproxy.site/app_direct/myapp — 301 redirecthttp://myserver.site/login

My host has HTTPS so when this iframe tries to load mix content over HTTP, it gets blocked completely.

This seems to be a known but inactive issue in github and here.

Perhaps someone has also faced this problem and managed to fix it? It would really awesome if you could share your solution.

Thank you!

Manged to fix it

Managed to fix it.
This code

      useForwardHeaders: true

needs to be outside proxy:

I am still having the problem despite having that server block outside proxy. did you set up your nginx configuration exactly like the example they provide?