Docker compose vs docker run

I’m new to shinyproxy and am slowly trying to build myself up to having a containerised environment that will allow me to serve my app to numerous people with various levels of permission.

As it stands I’ve been able to build a sample repo that works when I execute the following (from the root directory of the repo):

  1. sudo docker build -t thedatacollective/basic_proxy ./shinyproxy # to build the shinyproxy image
  2. sudo docker build -t thedatacollective/basic_shiny ./apps # to build the app that gets served by shinyproxy
  3. sudo docker run -d -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --net tdc-net -p 8080:8080 thedatacollective/basic_proxy # to launch the proxy

I can then navigate to and I am served with the login screen and with correct credentials the app will load correctly.

I am now trying to level up so I can get this working via docker-compose, which is causing me problems. At the moment when I run docker-compose up --build things build and I’m served with the shinyproxy login screen, however I eventually get a error 500 telling me the container did not respond in time.

I have tested that the application container works independently of shinyproxy. I have tested it using docker run and it does work those ways, however there must be something wrong in my understanding of docker-compose that is causing me grief.

When I’ve logged in I can see the application container exists, however the logs for shiny proxy tell me that the Container unresponsive, trying again (2/10): http://9907791e28a4:3838

I’d really appreciate any guidance available. I’ve done my best to look at other examples and repo’s but must just be missing something in my understanding.


I think you are missing network configuration in your docker-compose file, please also see examples in

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@mnazarov that solved the problem entirely. Now to level up to add Nginx into the docker-compose file.

I’d seen the network stuff in other examples but hadn’t been able to make it work.

For anyone who is trying this for themselves you can find a working version of the repo here

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