Easy access to kubernetes-ShinyProxy with outside Shiny App

Hi everyone,

Thank you for designing this great tool !

Deployment setup: Digital Ocean droplet running Kubernetes with ShinyProxy and shinyproxy-operator, possibly with NGINX and a SQL database serving the ShinyProxy apps.

Goal: Develop external Shiny app to manage the Kubernetes-ShinyProxy setup from outside:

  1. Authentication and user group management.
  2. Container resource management (pre-initialization, sharing).
  3. Upload/removal of Docker containers (in-house or third-party applications, mostly shiny R or python but might be extended later).
  4. Access to ShinyProxy monitoring.

To-Do (as far as I understand this …):

  1. Develop a Shiny app that can alter application.yml externally.
  2. Push a Docker image to Kubernetes, build it, or update application.yml to pull from a Docker registry.
  3. Run ShinyProxy-monitoring on demand and present its output within the Shiny app or route to an independent ShinyProxy-monitoring instance.


  1. Can we alter application.yml of Kubernetes-ShinyProxy via a Shiny app (both running on the Digital-ocean server) or push Docker images to Kubernetes from outside ?
  2. Is it possible to re-route ShinyProxy-monitoring to be accessed from a different Shiny app or embed shiny-proxy monitoring in a dedicated tab of this external shiny-app?
  3. Any experiences, tricks or common pitfalls with all of this ?

Looking forward to implement and report on the progress of this here (in a couple of months :slight_smile: … )