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I am deploying shiny apps on an EC2 instance. All my apps work fine on my local PC but I get error 500 when trying to do it in EC2. I am using docker compose to start up shinyproxy. I can access shinyproxy via the port I mapped it to but when I click on the apps on the homepage, I get error 500 connection refused on localhost:2375. I can also access the individual containers when I run docker run -p . The docker daemon is also running and when I run netstat -tl, I can see the port is listening. I have read somewhere that AWS locks down the instances very heavily. I am wondering what else do I need to do to make my apps work. Or what ports do I need to open up to make it work.

Thanks in advance!

Solved it. In my shinyproxy application.yml (which is in a separate container), i put


The problem of connection refused looks like it is not reaching the daemon. However, since my shinyproxy is in a container, localhost:2375 is resolving to itself which results to connection refused. changed it to

instance ipaddress:2375

and it worked.

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