Embedding apps into website


Issue posted on Github here: https://github.com/openanalytics/shinyproxy/issues/5

I would like to embed my shiny apps running on shinyproxy into a website running out of a different server. I’ve tried using iframes, but shinyproxy seems to have its ‘X-Frame-Options’ value set to ‘SAMEORIGIN’, with no obvious way to change it in order to allow for connections from my web server.


Thanks @sjmgarnier! Let us know whether the fix we released in version 0.7.8 works for you.


Testing it now. Will tell you in a few minutes.


It works! Thanks! This will be very useful.


Brilliant! Thanks for the feedback!


For more advanced embedding of Shiny apps in websites or larger applications, there is now (with ShinyProxy 2.0.0) a dedicated API to manage proxies; see https://www.shinyproxy.io/configuration/#proxy-api


We can’t access the link https://www.shinyproxy.io/configuration/#proxy-api anymore. I don’t remember how to use the API, and cannot find documentation about it.



Sorry, we switched from swagger to raml, but the new html docs aren’t online yet.
For the time being, you can check this URL:


@KZARCA we updated the website and revived the https://www.shinyproxy.io/configuration/#proxy-api section.