Error with download handler, only with shinyproxy


I’ve a simple R app that produce, via a DownloadHandler, a XLSX file.

When I download it from the app published by Shinyproxy, the XLSX is bigger than the normal and is corrupted (impossible to open it).

I’ve tried the same directly with the Docker Container, and no problem, the XLSX is fine (that’s why I’m sure that is the way is published by ShinyProxy that is not good).

No error or warnings in the logs. Shiny proxy version is 3.0

Do you have an idea ?

Have a nice day.

We see the same but from a Flask app we run on ShinyProxy 3.0.1. Works fine from the Docker container directly but not when served via ShinyProxy

Hi @prinn @aldente

It seems I wasn’t aware of this topic. There is a bug in ShinyProxy 3.0.0 where file downloads can be corrupt. This is fixed in the current development release. You can use the docker image openanalytics/shinyproxy-snapshot:3.0.2-SNAPSHOT-20230515.131226 or the following jar:

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Hi @tdekoninck, I can confirm that the provided .jar fixed the issue for us - thanks a lot for the help.
Could you please release a new version with that fix soon?

Thanks for this. I was losing my mind today trying to figure out where the issue was. the app, the docker image, shinyproxy or nginx. The snapshot from 20230613 working perfect. Do you know when 3.0.2 will release?