Exposing correct port

Hello setup a shinyproxy server on port 3838, although I would like it to default to port 80.

I changed the ports in the relevant app files of

  • application.yml
  • Rprofile.site
  • Dockerfile

from port 3838 to port 80. The application subsequently does not work. Am i missing something?



Iā€™m not sure if I fully understand which port you are trying to change

If you want to change the publicly visible port which web clients use to connect to shinyproxy (8080), then you only need to change the port setting in application.yml file from to 8080 to 80.

If you want to change the port of the shiny app inside the docker container (3838), then unfortunately that is not possible without modifying shinyproxy itself. Note that this port is only relevant within the docker container and is mapped to a port in the 20000+ range on the shinyproxy host, so the only reason you would want to change this would be because of a port conflict or restrictions within the docker container.

Let us know if this helps.


thanks that makes sense, it worked!

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