Flexdashboard in shinyproxy


I developed a flexdashboard and would like to serve it with shiny proxy.
I built an image and included it in the application.yml file. After I log in, I see the app, however, I shinyproxy cannot load it.

Both in my Dockerfile and in the application.yml file the cmd is:
CMD ["R", "-e", "rmarkdown::run('/app/myFlexdashboad.Rmd', shiny_args = list(port = 3838))"]
All the files are in the correct folders. Eventhough I specify shiny_args = list(port = 3838)) I still have the default Rprofile.site included in the image.

When it is launching the app it takes some time and then it says:

Status code: 500

Message: Container did not respond in time

Stack Trace:
eu.openanalytics.containerproxy.ContainerProxyException: Container did not respond in time
at eu.openanalytics.containerproxy.backend.AbstractContainerBackend.startProxy(AbstractContainerBackend.java:115)
at eu.openanalytics.containerproxy.service.ProxyService.startProxy(ProxyService.java:213)
and so on …

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

I managed to make it work.

It turned out that the default Rprofile.site was not loading since I was not using a library and I had to give an additional argument to the cmd: rmarkdown::run('/app/model_performance_module.Rmd', shiny_args = list(port = 3838, host = ''))