Get ShinyProxy version


is there a way to see which shinyproxy version is currently being used, other than extracting the jar file?

Hi @DanielDS, we have added it to the roadmap to include the version. Currently you can derive it from the version of ContainerProxy shipped with ShinyProxy (which does appear in the logs), but that is definitely not convenient, I agree. For example ShinyProxy 2.3.1 (ContainerProxy 0.8.4), 2.3.0 (0.8.3), 2.2.2 (0.8.2), 2.2.1 (0.8.1), 2.2.0 (0.8.0), 2.1.0 (0.8.7), 2.0.5 (0.6.0), 2.0.4 (0.5.0), 2.0.3 (0.4.0) etc.

@DanielDS: here’s one way to do it on RHEL system:

ohy-d{leungi}% sudo yum list installed | grep shiny
shinyproxy.x86_64                2.3.0-1                     installed

In other Linux distro, one should be able to search for installed packages version in a similar manner.

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Thank you. That’s convenient enough for me.

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Thank you, that is the easiest solution.

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