Getting additional info from Keycloak

Hi All,

Currently, we get SHINYPROXY_USERNAME, SHINYPROXY_USERGROUPS and SHINYPROXY_PUBLIC_PATH when a user is authenticated using Keycloak, it is possible to get some additional user info for e.g. email address?

Thanks in advance

Yes you can.

See here for more information : SpEL | ShinyProxy

Example : getting user uuid from keycloak

Thanks a lot @adanba.

I have a continuation question on the similar topic.
I see that we can have container-memory-request also with the SPEL. If I understand correctly, then we can have different memory request based on different conditions. but I could not find any example of that, do you know how can we achieve this.
I want to provide different memory request for different groups from Keycloak.

Thanks in advance!