Getting shiny.router to work with ShinyProxy

Has anyone had success with running the shiny.router package with ShinyProxy? For me it just results in a greyed out screen with no error in the container log.

Shiny.router is used primarily to give pages a link (or state), for example:

I am not using it for this purpose, since you wouldn’t see the state in the browser because ShinyProxy employs an iframe. Instead, I am using it because it is useful for managing large apps. Each tab or page gets its own function, which allows for much more modular apps and fewer renderUI chunks server-side. Another benefit of reduced dynamic UI is that apps are faster and can change state quicker.

Just as an update: The container log reveals that the shiny.router package isn’t being loaded. How can I check which packages are loaded? The stderr.log file shows all my other packages being loaded, but seems to skip shiny.router and then I get the error message

Listening on
 Warning: Error in router: could not find function "router"
  52: server [/root/app/server.R#3]
Error in router(input, output, session) :
  could not find function "router"