Gracefully Handling Multiple Browser Sessions for Single U

On occasion I open two browsers to the same app. Sometimes I forget I had one open somewhere in all the browser windows I use. When this happens, I get an error and often times have to restart the app, sometimes this doesn’t work. Often times its a weird datatable error. As soon as I close the other browser tab, though sometimes the service itself appears to get corrupted, and I have to wait a while to get the app to load, even after killing the service on the server.

Is there more graceful way to handle this?

I feel like this will be an awkward thing to explain to users.

There is another request for this type of handling:

So I upgraded to 3.0.2. This appears to improve the general reconnection and restart, though I feel like there the messaging isn’t handled correctly. I can open an app, then open the app again in another tab so far so good, but then if I try to reload the app. It causes the other tab to show the “app crashed, restart message.”

FYI if this happens and you get stuck in a see saw between two tabs, the best bet seems to close all the tabs with the app then navigate to the app.

Setting shiny-force-full-reload: false helps more. Now I can reload the app without getting a relaunch and I can even open two tabs, but if I do something that requires server side processing. I get an error.

Ideally, when opening a new tab to an app running in a container one of two things would happen. Other containers get grayed out or an error message would be displayed to the effect that “This app is open in another tab browser.”

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