Grey screen with shinyproxy-demo


i am trying to get shinyproxy running on a cloud-server (Ubuntu 18.04) following the exact instructions:

I can start shinyproxy and see the sample app that i pulled from openanalytics/shinyproxy-demo. But unfortunately when i click on it, i see the gui elements, but no content is displayed and the screen is grey. What am i doing wrong?



Though it isn’t part of the page, are you by chance also serving up shinyproxy from behind a reverse proxy (e.g. nginx)? I just ask because I had a similar “grey screen” issue when I didn’t have my nginx set up correctly; in particular I needed to be sure to forward along the websocket connections and to set the HTTP version for proxying to 1.1 (as seen in the example in another post).

Anyway, sorry if that is irrelevant to your issue.