Help - Active DirectoryLDAP groups targeting different applications using sinyproxy

I work in a university environment. Our use case it to allow individual faculties to host applications using a common portal to login. Shinyproxy seems good option, however i am not sure if we can target LDAP groups to specific applications/containers.


Faculty 1 have x,y,z applications and Ldap group Faculty1-usergroup needs access to it.
Faculty 2 have a,b,c applications and ldap group Faculty2-usergroup needs access to it, however Faculty 1 must not see faculty 2’s applications and vice versa.

Is it possible to achieve this using shiny proxy.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi @Ash_P,

What you describe (LDAP-based authentication/authorization) is basic functionality of ShinyProxy. See for the LDAP configuration as well as the groups field that can be set per individual app in

Hope this helps!


Thanks heaps @tverbeke. Just tried it and it is works. :slight_smile: