How best to handle multiple http addresses

We’ve been thinking about ways to handle multiple apps with different http addresses. It seems like ShinyProxy is geared toward having a single landing page. Would it be possible to have a single instance of ShinyProxy and routing the requests to different landing pages. The issue it seems is the overhead in setting up and maintaining multiple ShinyProxy instances that are doing essentially the same thing, involves passing extra security checks, requesting additional saml configurations etc, maintaining separate code bases.

Hi, this is currently not possible. Would your solution mean that you assign every app to a specific landing page?

In practice that is what we are doing. Though we also have apps that link to other apps as a landing page. We don’t use the html landing “/” pages at all.

My thinking is basically, that we don’t want to configure a bunch of shinyproxy instances code duplication, as well beauracratic overhead, certificates, security scans, saml IDP requests etc. for each instance, just to get another URL that points to that same IP address. IMO it would be better if shinyproxy could handle this proxy routing. I think issue is that the apps aren’t all that related in terms of audience, so a landing page where everyone can see each app doesn’t make much sense, otherwise we would just add more of those.

We are using traefik, so it seems like we should be able to do some routing. I noticed there was an update to the context in 3.1.0

Also, there is some precedent for this as this kind of thing is supported in SpringBoot.

Redirect to Different Pages After Login With Spring Security Baeldung

IMO, I think the context and landing page URL should be moved to the application section.