How can I replace the default R installation with my own install?

I’d like to completely replace the embedded R installation (including for the Console that is launched in the IDE) with my existing R installation. I found how to create a Run Configuration using a custom R install, though have not found how to remove the embedded install completely.

How can this be done?

I am not sure if you can remove it completely (is your aim to save disk space?), but here are some pointers that might help to make it ‘invisible’:

  • In the Run configurations you can remove the “embedded R console” (alternatively you can change the order of favorites in the run menu)
  • In Preferences > StatET > Run/Debug > R Environments you can change the default to your chosen environment instead of the embedded one

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I don’t need to remove it, though I can’t get the default interactive console that shows up to use my system installed R. That, and having the default environment in each Run configuration be the system R. I’ve already added this to my R environments and set it to default, though the above two issues still remain.

After you’ve defined a new R environment and set it to default, all “External Tools” (such as R CMD INSTALL etc) should use it, as long as you haven’t configured them to use a non-default setting in the “R config” tab.

For the custom console to start by default: I don’t know the ‘correct’ solution, but what should work is renaming/removing the default console, and naming your custom console with the same name (“embedded R”).