How do I start TLS with LDAP

Hi, I’m aware that we can use LDAPS but currently we don’t support that and TLS over LDAP is what we are using. So I’m wondering can I make shinyproxy to use TLS over LDAP by modifying the configuration file, or do I need to modify the source code? Thanks!

Hi @Keqiang_Li,

This is currently not possible via configuration. You’d have to modify the source code in

Something along the lines of:

DefaultTlsDirContextAuthenticationStrategy strategy = new DefaultTlsDirContextAuthenticationStrategy();

As you can see, ShinyProxy uses the Spring framework for LDAP connectivity. See here for more info (pt



StartTLS is now supported out of the box (since release 1.0.0)

Details on how to configure it can be found here:


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