How to add sections to shinyproxy?


Is there a way to add sections for apps or separators between apps? I ask because we starting having a lot of Shiny apps deployed with shinyproxy (around 30) and we would like to split them by categories.

Example of what we would like to be able to achieve:

Category 1:

  • App1
  • App2


  • App1
  • App2

Thank you,

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Hi Andrei,
I was about to share that I’m working on putting together a version of shinyproxy that supports a different UI. What I’ve done is integrated AdminLTE into the shinyproxy jar and also added in fontawesome for logo’s. With this, the current master uses AdminLTE to place app’s in boxes and will support a dashboard solution. AdminLTE is what shinydashboard uses and I thought it was good to experiment with. The current version uses the “layout-boxed” with the “layout-top-nav” which just puts in single class of applications. The idea about this is to create a better UX for the consumers of ShinyProxy which I’m an advocate of.

One of the next capabilities I was thinking about putting in before I read your request was to add in the left side bar with the ability to categorize your applications and look at the list of apps in the category and click on them to open this up. The reason I was thinking of that is that I’m putting in quite a bit of RMarkdown files as apps and those are easy to add in and the volume will grow rapidly over time.

If you are interested, my current version is forked at “”. I’ll be adding the “Category” capability in over the next few days. I’m also putting in a capability that will put 2 apps per row so that you can display more applications. This is early and I’d like to get feedback on what capabilities you think we should have.
Brett Taylor


Hi @ahalasz,

Thank you for the suggestion.

We are working on generic support for custom landing pages in the next major release.


@ahalasz custom layouts (including the categories you mention) are possible since ShinyProxy 1.1.1. See also the examples in and this blog post.