How to debug 'Container did not respond in time' Error inside container

I don’t see any log for my ShinyProxy container, and I get errors that are probably because of missing packages in my Shiny app but I have no idea how to debug them.
In the application.yml I had written
container-log-path: /path/to/container-logs

But I don’t find any logs…
Thanks for your support!

Could try extending the container wait time? I have one that takes like 2 mins to load rather than 20 seconds

container-wait-time: 20000

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Generally I am trying to find a way to get the logs from my ShinyProxy container so that I can debug any upcoming error.
I also tried entering the container doing docker exec -it container_id bash but I did not manage to enter.

Maybe try it with container-log-path: ./logs
When your file structure is as follows:

  • shinyproxy
    • application.yml
    • logs/

This works for me.