How to Deploy .rmd on AWS?

Hi All,

I have recently learnt R programming and developed a webapp for my team. it is a dashboard showing the bar charts and line graphs for the finance team showing the revenue and budget comparision.

I have built this dashboard using shiny and flexdashboard.
I do not have server.R and ui.R files seperate as it is a single .rmd file
I have created an ec2 instance on AWS and installed Rstudio server and the code is running fine.

What I want to do now ?
I want to deploy this webapp and send the url to the co workers so that they do not have to go through the hassle of installing R and other packages to view the dashboard.

Please let me know what are things that i have to do in order to deploy this webapp. I have never done deployment before. I am new to this. If anyone of you can provide a link where i can follow the steps to deploy that will really great. I will then go ahead and associate a static ip and also buy a domain for the same through AWS.

Thank you

Iā€™m assuming you will need a password protected site and you are not paying for a Shiny Server Pro.

Shinyproxy will work in your case. The first thing you need to do is to follow instructions on and make sure the demo app is running.

Serving a R markdown application is even easier than the demo app. Just need to compose a Dockerfile and use something like CMD ["R", "-e", "rmarkdown::run(file='/shinyApps/markdown_example/index.Rmd')"] as the last line of your Dockerfile. I will give you more detail once you have your demo app running.

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