How to Start Contributing?

Hey everyone,

First, awesome service! Got it downloaded and installed on Ubuntu 16 within minutes!

If I wanted to start helping contribute to ShinyProxy (templates, js, css, etc.) how would I get started with making some changes and testing them locally before committing and creating a pull request?

I’m not too familiar with Java, but I’m good with Python and general ops. I’d like to make some contributions on the frontend. :slight_smile:


Hi @Kalob,

Thanks for your interest! Contributions in the form of PRs are very welcome, but so are tutorials or other informative posts on this forum.

If you want to start modifying ShinyProxy’s front-end, the best approach is probably to fork the repo:

You can clone this fork on your local dev env, and start making changes.

To build: go to the root directory and run Maven: mvn clean verify
To run: from the root directory, run java -jar target/shinyproxy-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar

On a related note: a PR was recently merged that adds a templating mechanism to the frontend:

Unfortunately, this didn’t make it into the master branch yet. If you want to explore this functionality, you may want to checkout branch openanalytics:feature-templates instead of develop.
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Perfect, thank you!

Sounds like you’ll be implementing the new templating into master at some point. :slight_smile: