Is there a way to access (active) from navbar?

I would like to put a button (link to documentation) based on which app is loaded. How would I access active in navbar.html?

A bonus question: is there a list of all variables available in a template? I could find only a few.

Sounds like an interesting proposal. I am interested in this too because i can build Custom navbar - but it cannot be app-specific.


The variables that are added by BaseController are just a few of the things you can access. Since these expressions are resolved by a SPEL context (see, you can also reference beans and perform functions on them.

For example, this code will take the current app id from the URL and print it in a span.
If no app is active, it prints ‘None’.

<span th:text="${#httpServletRequest.requestURI.contains('/app/') ? #httpServletRequest.requestURI.substring(5) : 'None'}"></span>