Is there any help manual for arranging shinyproxy on CentOS?
I read the help manual, and then downloaded shinyproxy in docker. But when I used the command Java - jar shinyproxy-2.5.0.jar, 8080 let me log in. I couldn’t find the file application.yml. At the same time, I didn’t have the shinyproxy folder in the directory of etc. I should install shinyproxy_ 2.5.0_ x86_ 64. RPM? But I didn’t find the right tutorial.Thank you!

When you run shinyproxy as .jar file, it expects to see application.yml file in the same folder from where you launch it. If no file is found, the default values are used. Please see for details of configuration. At the top of that page you will find a link to the yml file with default values.
You can indeed install shinyprosy as RPM so that it runs as a service, please see instructions at

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