Issues with nginx proxy on a separate server

We have shinyproxy running on a server that does not have a public IP, and have also setup nginx on another server that is.

Nginx is configured to forward requests made to port :8686 to the internal private server that hosts shinyproxy.

Navigating to successfully takes us to the shinyproxy landing page, but the URLs for the buffet of apps that the shinyproxy server is hosting link to the internal server’s private IP address, so when user’s click on them, they are routed to an internal/private IP, which doesn’t pan out.

I’m guessing I just have to tweak shinyproxy’s application.yml to fix this issue, but I haven’t successfully been able to find the fix after trying to hunt this down on the internet for a while.

Can someone help point me in the right direction?


I think that answers you will find here:
Nginx reverse proxy conf and application.yml option forward-headers-strategy should solve your problem.