Keyboard shortcut for dplyr pipe?

Is there a way to add a keyboard shortcut to Architect for the dplyr/magrittr pipe function %>% ? Something similar to the Insert Assignment Operator that is bound to Ctrl+< and Ctrl+=

It seemed like there should be a way to do it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. I also tried installing the Eclipse plugin PracticallyMacro which would provide a similar capability, but it doesn’t install correctly through the marketplace, and my attempts to install manually haven’t worked either.

Any ideas?


Hi @k1w,

Thanks for your interest in Architect and the suggestion. Others may have found ways to do this currently, but in any case this feature will be part of an upcoming release (with a dedicated and configurable keyboard shortcut)!

Kind regards,

Was just wondering if this ever got implemented. Any update?

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