KeyCloak Integration with Shiny Error

I have created a realm on keycloak various user names and passwords and setup groups to get access to different applications to test its integration with ShinyProxy.

I have configured the realm setting via realm name and auth url via:
authentication: keycloak

      realm: Nvigator
      auth-server-url: http://localhost:8180/auth

I have ran Wildfly, Keycloak, and ShinyProxy.
However go to the link for the my instance ShinyProxy Login via: localhost:8081/login and sign in

The page goes to an error: Status Code: 405 Message.

Shiny Console outputs:
2017-06-06 16:33:01.214 WARN 16483 --- [ XNIO-2 task-12] o.s.web.servlet.PageNotFound : Request method 'POST' not supported

How can I resolve this?

Babacar Diouf

Resolved by issue, did not configure client properties correctly on KeyCloak Console, and also updated the application.yml via

      auth-server-url: http://localhost:8180/auth
      realm: nvigator
      public-client: true
      resource: shinyproxy-app
      credentials-secret: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi @Babacar_Diouf, I have the same error that youh had. May I ask how did you configure the keycloak server? Do you have the client setup with public or confidential Access Type? What did you use for further configuration of the client (e.g. Valid Redirect URIs)? Should this be http://shiny.proxy.url/login ?

I understand these parameters:

  • auth-server-url
  • realm

But where do you get the values for the below parameters? Could you please describe them with more details?

  • public-client
  • resource
  • credentials-secret

I don’t see any documentation at all for these parameters, so I don’t know how to set this up on my server.

Thanks for any tips!

Hi @slowkow,

The public-client property is not known to me and is not used in ShinyProxy.

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The naming is a bit different here, same as for roles and groups.
Resource would be the corresponding keycloak client you add under the realm
Can be set to true, if set accordingly in the Realm>Client>yourclient
That would be the key generated for open-id connect, if you chose it under Realm>Clients>yourclient>Settings

/edit: too late :smile:

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