Landing page as a Shiny App


I am wondering if there a way to redirect the landing page to a Shiny Application.

Actually, I can publish a different link that would redirect the users to a Shiny application (after they log in) - but if I do that, then other Shiny Apps cannot be loaded for some reason that are referred in this App.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @thomasthomas,

Can you clarify what goes wrong when the other apps won’t load when referred from the initial app?

If you give your users a URL or redirect to https://yourserver/app/01_hello, that should result in the desired behaviour, even if 01_hello contains links to other apps.

Hi there,

The issue has been resolved - I am sorry for not replying earlier. Now, I would like to refer to other html files that are not Shiny Applications - this is the next challange while deploying Shiny apps within ShinyProxy.

Actually, I have just created an additional topic about this.