Loading large files fails


I’m trying to load big files, expression sets of size 5MB or more into my shiny app. When I launch my app via shiny server or directly in the container I use in shiny proxy everything works just fine. But when I try to use shiny proxy the app fails when loading the file.

I’ve seen this topic but it didn’t help (I’m opening a file, not uploading it). I also tried to look through Spring documentation but I haven’t found an option that helped.

I don’t get any error messages anywhere (browser, R log, or shinyproxy.log).

Is there an additional file size limitation in shiny proxy that I need to adjust?


Hi, so you are not uploading the file but reading it via a file path? If so it may be the file path that is wrong in the code. Try running the container interactively with the - it flag to make sure you have mounted the correct volume and that the path from with the container is correct.

Hi Anders, you were right, there was a bug in the code. The strange thing, though, was that the bug didn’t occur in the app started via RStudio and in Shiny Proxy there was no logs so it was hard to debug.

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