Log File Location


Hi all,

I’m trying to find where shinyproxy stores the log at in ubuntu? Also, if I have usage statistics set up (using influxDB) will that block the creation of the shinyproxy.log?

I first tried:


but was unable to locate the log. A different post I saw suggested that because the path is relative, it could be redirected to the working directory but I’m unsure how to find that location.

I also tried:


but am still not seeing a log file in /etc/shinyproxy.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


We also use the below config and it seems to store all logs at the root directory.


The setting is correct, make sure it is on the top level (i.e. the same level as proxy) in the yaml file.
Also make sure to restart shinyproxy to apply the changes.

The working directory depends on the way you launch shinyproxy: if you run it from .jar file it would be the directory you run it from, and if you run it as a service, normally it is /etc/shinyproxy.


I think I figured it out.

After finding another thread, I was wondering if it may be a permissions issue. I used ‘touch’ to create the shinyproxy.log file in /etc/shinyproxy then used ‘chown’ to change ownership to the shinyproxy user. It looks like it is properly logging events now.