Log file not being written after being deleted and replaced

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I recently copied my shinyproxy. log file from my server to my local machine. I then deleted the log file from the server and created a new one (using the ‘touch’ command on linux ubuntu 18.04). Now, however, nothing at all is being logged by shinyproxy and I have no idea why. Does anyone know why this may be? My ‘application.yml’ contains the standard lines for logging…


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Figured it out! I hadn’t set the owner of the file to ‘shinyproxy’. For anyone else who didn’t know to do this, I did this with the linux command:
chown shinyproxy /etc/shinyproxy/shinyproxy.log

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Thanks for reporting back! Also normally you don’t have to create an empty file, as shinyproxy would do that for you

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Oh right! Good to know. So I basically messed it up by creating the log file with the wrong owner! :joy: