Long DownloadHandler failed with io.undertow

ShinyProxy cannot download a large file (a couple of R data.frame ending up into an Excel file) using DownloadHandler - the file takes a while to get generated and the download failed (NA error downloaded in Chrome)


The file is successfully downloaded locally, but also using ShinyServer). I believe this is related to ShinyProxy and maybe some sort of timeout get triggered as it looks it always fails after 80-90 seconds process. For all the smaller files, Download work fine in ShinyProxy. When the download fails, the ShinyProxy logs are:

2019-02-08 16:29:56.033 ERROR 10 --- [   XNIO-2 I/O-3] io.undertow.proxy                        : UT005028: Proxy request to /endpoint/7f32fcb8-0507-4783-92e3-424d1d386f52/session/c2865a7160405e4ec215651ca7b0014e/download/downloadDataQA failed

java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException: null
        at io.undertow.client.http.HttpClientConnection$5.handleEvent(HttpClientConnection.java:188) [undertow-core-1.4.22.Final.jar!/:1.4.22.Final]

Do you guys know about this issue ? I am wondering if this is something to do with spring settings
Thank you, Dylan

This was due a timeout configuration on our kubernetes cluster - increasing it fixed the issue. thanks.

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