Manage application.yml

I’m the sysadmin responsible for setting up shinyproxy for an organisation.
I haven’t found a way to allow users to add applications to shinyproxy without editing application.yml

That would mean allowing all the users responsible for setting up shinyproxy apps to edit application.yml and potentially messing up the whole configuration.

Is there a solution to this issue? For example a way to include other configuration files?

My solution would be to collect new app info via a web form (after user authentication) and have a backend script sanitize it, make the changes to application.yml and restart ShinyProxy. In this case make sure you enable the App Recovery feature to avoid disruption.

Thank you for the suggestion! You don’t know if there is any already existing project for this?

I am not aware of anything for ShinyProxy specifically. Everyone seems to write their own custom yaml-editing script when needed. If I were to do it, I would probably use perl with the YAML::Tiny module. If you’d rather use the command line or shell scripts, have a look at the yq YAML processor.