Multiple instances of ShinyProxy

We would like to run different instances of the shinyproxy-0.9.4.jar in order to mix ldap authentication with simple authentication (since we asume there is only one authentication mechanism possible per application.yml configuration file, but even though we would like to play with several flavours of the application.yml config). We would specify a specific port for each of the instances, and as for the Docker part of the configuration we would set the port-range-start such as to have no 2 instances interfere. Is this a viable set-up? Or could we get in trouble since there is a many-to-one relationship between the shinyproxy jars and a single Docker Daemon.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Hi @Stephane,

The approach you describe should work. Multiple Shinyproxy instances can use the same Docker daemon, and each Shinyproxy instance will manage its own list of active containers.