Multiple ports for app using iframe


I would like to deploy an app which exposes two ports (that is, locally I do somethind like docker run -p <host port 1>:<container port 1> -p <host port 2>:<container port 2> <container name> <cmd>). We access the app through only one port, but the app itself has an iframe which uses the other port.

However, it seems that the current version of ShinyProxy (3.0.1) only accepts one single port per application. Is there a way of publishing more ports for the same app? If not, does anyone know a workaround to make the ‘‘inner app’’ of the container be accessible from an iframe in the “outer app”? Any idea would be appreciable.

NOTE: The app I wish to deploy is Shiny UI Editor and the iframe is the ShinyApp preview when we are editing a template. I am not sure deployment would be possible anyway because of certain lines that modify the iframed app’s host to localhost but this post is quite generic (and this localhost problem might be easily solved by using a specific host).

Thanks in advance,

Finally, ShinyProxy 3.0.1 accepts, indeed, a parameter made for that case: additional-port-mappings :smiley: Thanks to ShinyProxy developers for that, it is a really useful functionality.
I am sorry I had not seen it at first in the docs.