My application is running really slow

I have created a dashboard app and running through shinyproxy and docker, But the data loading time is really slow. My ui.R and server.R files files are in KBs and no supporting files except JDBC driver. All together it is about 1MB. But once i create docker image, the image size is showing about 1GB. I am assuming that, my application is slow because of the bigger image size!! Why the docker is scaling size to 1GB, Is there any way to reduce it!! Thanks in advance.

Siva Prasad

Hi Siva,

Docker images with sizes up to and even exceeding 1GB are not uncommon. While there exist
plenty of techniques to reduce image size (the most effective is not including development/build dependencies), image size should not affect container spin-up time too much. Therefore it is unlikely that this what is causing your issue.

Have you tried running the shiny app in a local R session via shiny::runApp() to see if you get similar loading times?


Hi Dseynaeve,

Thanks for your quick response. I agree.
I am querying data from SQL server (live data) using procedure, It is causing the query / response time is huge. Now i am trying the make a view (copy queried data to new table) and get data from new table. This may reduce the response time.

Thanks again,
Siva Prasad.

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