Need to add concurrent users to existing shiny app

Hi all,

I have a flexdashboard shiny app that runs a monte carlo simulation and takes approximately 2 minutes to produce output for the user:

I am a graduate student. My app is hosted on a server at my school. I set it up on linux (ubuntu 18.04) with nginx, and added SSL encryption using certbot.

Today, I realized that only one person can access the app while it is running the monte carlo simulation. Obviously, this is a problem. As such, I need it to change the set up so that it can allow concurrent users. Enter: shinyproxy and docker.

My question: Given that my website is already set up and deployed/hosted, what is the best approach for me to scale up to allow concurrent users? I don’t need a login screen and I don’t have multiple applications - the only feature I need is to allow concurrent users.

Do I have to start over from scratch?


I can not see your app, just Nginx message.

Generally, Shinyproxy starts one container for one user. So, in your case, as you do not want more users to be logged, same user access the same container though Shinyproxy. Try to create two or three users with simple auth, log them from different browsers and you will see in list (Admin button) that every user get different container.

So, this is not complete solution for your problem. But, I hope that it can help you to change your approach to “concurent” users.