Normalization of features


I imported data successfully. One of the features measures the
nucleus mean intensity and I would like to know how these values relate
to the values of the control wells on the plate. I edited the protocol
and tried several normalizations listed in the protocol editor. Are
these normalizations documented anywhere? I think I need %CTL but I am
not sure.

Hi Stephen,

A section describing the available normalization methods was recently added to the documentation:

Some notes:

  • You can specify a different normalization method for each feature
  • Each normalized feature may use different control types. The defaults are the LC and HC types that you specify in the protocol class’ general section
  • Normalizations are performed on each plate recalculation. If normalization fails (for example, due to missing control wells), the values will show as NaN


Thanks. I had not yet seen that page. Phaedra is pretty well equipped!