OPENID Authentication endless loop

We can’t authenticate using openid configuration.
Can you please provide the suitable log configuration for application.yml in order to analize what’s happening and to be more precise in further topics?

Thanks a lot.

Hi uridium, I am experiencing the same issue, please see here: Authentication with AD is stuck at the callback. Would be great if someone could advise on this.

Sharing a bit more detail on your current configuration would also be helpful.

I am also experiencing this issue. I am using shinyproxy on a Google Cloud Server with SSL encryption. I’ve had no success when trying to use either OneLogin or Auth0 for openid authentication on the demo apps. When I revert the authentication to simple, this problem goes away.


Hi Darrat,

I have to say that in the end, using auth0 has worked ok. In my case the problem was the visibility of both systems. When both are in the same network everything is ok. Of course when reverting the authentication to simple, there’s no problem at all.
The next step for me will be use SSL encryption but not yet implemented.
Hope you find the solution soon.

Juan Carlos.

The solution to my issue was simple for OneLogin using the OIDC. First, my configuration for the app on their site was incorrect. Second, I created an admin account and a user account. I enabled the user account for the app, but not the admin account. When I tried to log in to shinyproxy, my admin account was already signed in but not authorized. This created the infinite loop where OneLogin would say the user wasn’t authorized and shinyproxy would redirect to the callback page asking if the user were authorized.