OpenId Refresh token is not passed as container variable

I am trying to pass the Refresh Token variable to a pod, but have not yet been successful.


  • Shinyproxy 2.6.0 running in a pod on an Azure Kubernetes cluster
  • Openid authentication
  • Scope: {appid}/.default
  • the container variable is added to the app in the application yml:
    container-env: SHINYPROXY_REFRESH_TOKEN: “#{oidcUser.refreshToken}”

Problem is that the Refresh Token value stays empty when running the pod.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

I am also trying to get the keycloak email id and I am getting it null.
I used to get it for few days, it all worked fine but not anymore.

We have the exact same issue. It would be nice to see this fixed or have some updated documentation.

Hello, I got the same problem over here! Anybody here with a solution in short term?

Thanks in advance,

Hi all

For anyone experiencing this issue, please have a look at the comment I posted on GitHub . Try the special version and report any information you have.