OpenID with Azure AD B2C

I am trying to integrate a shiny app that is running in ShinyProxy with a portal that uses Azure AD B2C and requires authentication. The support people who run the portal tell me that ShinyProxy’s configuration settings for OpenID are missing a parameter (called p) that is used by Azure AD B2C.

What is the likelihood of that being added to ShinyProxy in the near future?

Hi @dstucki,

The p parameter you mention is not part of the standard OpenId Connect protocol, it seems, but an extension of the protocol that is specific to Azure AD B2C

The likelihood of support for it being added in the coming months is low (it was not on the roadmap so far), unless some party is willing to fund it. You can always add a feature request on Github so we keep track of it.

Hope this helps!


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Tobais (@tverbeke) , thanks for the reply. It was very helpful to understand how Azure AD B2C, OpenID, and ShinyProxy fit together. I am new to ShinyProxy, so could you outline for me how someone would go about funding an initiative like this, and how the costs would be determined?

Hello David?

Did you solve this?