Option to hide the navbar


First, I would like to thank you for this excellent development. This has been a really helpful tool!

I wanted to know if it was possible to hide the navbar at the top?
I would like to save some space on the screen.

I haven’t found the option to do that, so it might more be a feature request than anything else.

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Hi @b-sam,

Thanks for your interest in ShinyProxy. This is currently not available, but we will add an option to the configuration file in the next release. I will let you know here when it is available. Thanks for the suggestion!


We have removed the navigator bar from the shinyproxy app. We did this by cloning the github repository and editing a few of the html files within the resources directory. To accomplish what you want, you would need to modify app.html file.


<!-- navigation bar -->
	<!-- <div th:replace="../fragments/navbar :: navbar"></div> -->

This simply is commenting out the navbar. This will impact all applications that you launch so this may not meet your requirements. This would require logic based on a configuration in the application.yml which should enabled in the future.

Once you do this, you need to use maven to rebuild the shinyproxy jar file on your local server.

mvn -U clean install

We’re pretty happy that Open Analytics has made this an open source project. It is letting us extend the solution to work for our company.

I did that and it worked well!

Hi @b-sam, @hitfuture,

There is a new configuration option hide-navbar: true in version 0.8.7 which allows just that.

See https://shinyproxy.io/downloads/


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Hello @tverbeke, do you know how to use this parameter? This is set within an R Shiny app? At the top of my UI, do I just push sp_hide_navbar=true?

Hi @badbunny, The hide-navbar: true option needs to be set in the application.yml of ShinyProxy. The sp_hide_navbar=true is a query parameter you can append (since version 2.5.0) to the URL of your app to hide the navbar on an app by app basis. If you make a custom landing page you could e.g. include this query parameter in the links on the landing page and then the app will open without the navbar being visible.

Hope this helps!


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