Per-container logging


I must be missing something obvious.

Reading here I added this line to my application.yml. The directory exists. But after restart, and running a few containers, I see no entries in that directory.

container-log-path: ./container-logs

Suggestions? Thanks!



try with absolute path. I had similar problems, the cause was the confusion around the working directory of the shinyproxy. Another hint: check the permission settings of the directory.



Thank you, Tibor.

I now have

container-log-path: /etc/shinyproxy/container-logs


ls -lad /etc/shinyproxy/container-logs

drwxrwxrwx 2 shinyproxy shinyproxy 6 Dec 10 10:23 /etc/shinyproxy/container-logs

After shinyproxy restart, no change: nothing is written into container-logs, no diagnostic message in shinyproxy.log

Any other suggestions? It would be really great to get this working.

  • Paul


I’ll be most grateful if you can suggest how I can debug this problem. The lack of per-container logs is a serious matter for us!


Some ideas for debugging:

  • Which version of shinyproxy do you use? Can you try with the latest version?
  • Could you make sure the configuration is correctly specified in yaml (i.e. under proxy settings on the same level as title, specs etc)
  title: ...
  container-log-path: /etc/shinyproxy/container-logs
  - id: ...
  • Can you have a look at the shinyproxy.log file for containerproxy.service.LogService entries. Normally you should see a line like
2018-12-24 09:52:41.003  INFO 24859 --- [main] e.o.containerproxy.service.LogService    : Container logging enabled. Log files will be saved to /etc/shinyproxy/container-logs

If instead there are errors, error messages might help to identify the problem…


Hi Maxim,

Thank you - a lot! - for your suggestions.

We are currently running shinyProxy v1.1.1 - so the next move for us is to upgrade to 2.1.0

I will followup with a report on per-container logging once the upgrade is complete - hoping that I can then say “per-container logging works as expected”.

  • Paul