Pre-initialized containers users

Is there a good way to tell who is using preinitialized containers. Prior to using preinitialized containers, I could use docker information to see who was using which container, however now the containers are started as a null user. I don’t know if there is an API to update this or some other way to map users to containers. It makes it difficult to trouble shoot specific users’ problems, not knowing which container they are using. I tried changing the new resource-name spec field. I did some research it seems there is very little that can be changed about the container once it has started, however the container name is mutable. Though, rescource-name didn’t change it.

Are there any other ideas here?

Hi, there is currently not an integrated way for this. We are planning to update the admin panel to make this visible.

The only workaround for now is that the admin panel shows the endpoint, this corresponds to the underlying container and should allow you to find it, but it’s not straightforward.