Private Docker Images


The configuration on this page,, is very straight forward. But lets say I have a Docker image and Dockerfile that I’d like to keep private — and so I store them in Gitlab or some other alternative.

Does the docker-image yaml option need to be pulled from Dockers hub, or can we configure this to pull from somewhere else?

Hi @Kalob,

The image can be pulled from anywhere.


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Ok, very naive question here. Where I run:

sudo docker build -t me/my_app .

Using the openanalytics/r-base image, the code I put inside isn’t shared/stored anywhere outside of my own machine, right? Nor is me/my_app stored to any registry outside of my VM?

The fact that you ask about keeping a Dockerfile private is worrisome for me - is it registered somewhere?

Ok thanks!

I ended up enabling Docker Image Registries in GitLab. How it works @fifthace is you create the docker image on your own computer using your Dockerfile, so everything gets built locally. Then you can docker login (maybe double check that URL). Then push your image to GitLab. GitLab will provide you with a link to the Docker Image you made, and on your server you can rebuild your image form GitLab. Only the Docker Image and the code in it gets shared with GitLab, so make sure you set your permissions properly so you’re using a private repo.