Problem with disappearing header

Hello Open Analytics community,

I have recently encountered a new glitch with my shinyproxy hosted app where the header is disappearing when i navigate to a particular tab (shinydashboardplus) that has more content than can fit on the page. Was working fine last week. This causes the html for entire page to be staggered and to actually click on a button requires clicking slightly below it. Just to make things a little wierder, this glitch disappears below 80% zoom on my chrome browser and above 110% zoom. When in full-screen mode, this glitch disappears below 67% zoom and above 150%. After further testing, i found that this glitch only happens for my chrome browser and has no problem on Edge/Firefox. Any thoughts?


I just encountered the same problem here. The shinydashboard header sometimes hides behind the shinyproxy main header. Also the need to slightly click “below” a link to activate it is the same here (50 px? ,size of shinyproxy header?).

Problem exists in Chrome but all works fine in Firefox.

I can see that the shiny content is embedded as iframe in the shinyprox page but so far I could not get why this problem occurs in Chrome only.

Any comment is welcome!

Hi Kangeroo76,
Glad to hear i’m not alone, yeah it is just about 50px displacement for me. I am running on ‘shinyproxy-2.0.5’. Just saw the release for 2.2.0 just came out, wondering what version you are running and if possibly moving to latest version might fix it.


Hi mooremathut,

I’m on version 2.1.0.

Updating is a possibility but I can’t do that right now since the affected server / apps are used in production. If I find time to update and this is a fix I’ll post here again.

Thanks Kangeroo76,

I just refreshed my server with a newly installed shinyproxy2.2.0 and the problem persists. Starting to feel that this is an issue with chrome, and not shinyproxy. That is just my best guess though.

Yes, it can be Chrome but since shinyproxy also contributes to general css styling etc. and the shiny app is embedded in the shinyproxy page as iframe there might be also an issue. So for me it can be still about the shiny (shinydashboard) app, shinyproxy or Chrome.

Cross browser compatibility seems to be a topic always, that’s at least what I’ve learned in some earlier projects.

Let’s see / wait if there will be an answer from the community or the Open Analytics team. Unfortunatly I’m not the html / css expert that can give a better answer than this right now :slight_smile:

we fixed this problem by removing shinyproxy’s own navbar on top.
you can set an option hide-navbar : true in the config file.
Maybe this is an option for you as well, at least for the moment.


Same issue here since Chrome version 73.0.3683.86


Please see here for more information about this issue: