Query Regarding Integrating Identity Server with Shiny Proxy and Passing acr_values

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I am currently working on integrating Identity Server with Shiny Proxy for authentication purposes. While I have successfully configured the basics, I’m facing a challenge regarding the passing of acr_values.

In the application.yml configuration file of Shiny Proxy, I’ve specified the necessary OpenID Connect endpoints (auth-url, token-url, jwks-url), client ID, and client secret provided by Identity Server. However, I couldn’t find clear documentation on how to pass acr_values in the authentication process.

Could someone please provide guidance or share any insights on how to include acr_values in the OpenID Connect authentication flow with Shiny Proxy? Any examples or documentation references would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi, thank you for your detailed question. It is currently not possible to specify acr_values, we will have to implement this in ShinyProxy. I created an internal ticket for this and we will probably include it in the next release.