Qutestion: ignore-session-expire VS long session

Hi everyone,
We are using v3.0.2 and openid for authentication. In the release note of v3.0.2 , It states there is an option “ignore-session-expire” that add the feature to ignore OIDC session expiration. https://shinyproxy.io/documentation/configuration/#ignore-session-expire but also at the bottom of the same page, it requests to set “servlet.session.timeout” to some value like 3600 to overwrite the default “30mins” since “By default, a session of the HTTP engine embedded in ShinyProxy will time out after 30 minutes”.

Anyone can advise the difference between the 2 parameters? I am wondering whether I need to set both of the two parameters if I want to get a long session like 6 hours. And what is “a session of the HTTP engine embedded in ShinyProxy”? Thanks.

and there is an option called “heartbeat-timeout”. I do not quite understand why I may still need to set the “servlet.session.timeout” parameter even thought I have set the “heartbeat-timeout” parameter to a large number.