Releasing slot after user closes window


When a user closes app window ShinyProxy keeps the connection up till the defined timeout value. This can lead to availability problems in case of having few ports available and users closing browser windows instead of signing out.

Is there a way to pass through information upon container closure to ShinyProxy that the connection should not be kept alive anymore and that we can free up the port that was used?

Hi @UpsideDownRide,

We have considered this issue before, but have not yet identified a satisfying solution.
The heartbeat mechanism that is currently in place to deal with this, works well enough, but has some drawbacks as you observed.

Note that the container doesn’t stop before the timeout expires: both the container and the HTTP port are released at the same time, after timeout expiration.

The main problem is that Shinyproxy (or any other HTTP server) has no reliable way of seeing that the interaction has ended, aside from a timeout approach.
The only recommendation I can make, is to try decreasing the heartbeat-timeout value.