'Report Issue' setup troubleshooting

I’m trying to add the ‘Report Issue’ button to my ShinyProxy setup at work but I’m struggling to get it working.

We use Outlook/Microsoft Exchange but I don’t know where to find SMTP settings. In the Outlook Web App under ‘Settings for POP or IMAP access…’ the SMTP Setting field is ‘Not Available’. Do I need to request this information from my IT department? I don’t even know if I should use TLS or SSL setting.

I tried the following in my application.yml:

    mail-to-address: user@company.com
      host: mail.company.com
      port: 587
      username: user@company.com
      password: password
        #For StartTLS
        mail.smtp.starttls.enable: true

But when I click the ‘Report Issue’ button I get:

Message: Cannot send mail: no smtp settings configured

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Did you got any solution ?

Yes you will need this information from your IT department. Only they know url, port, ssl and other requirements. They can also have allow list for relaying e-mail.

Also; spring should not be under the support attribute. Spacing is important in yaml